TeachStart Fellows have access to the following insurance benefits:

  • A selection of healthcare plans from which to choose, including options 100% covered by Scoot.

  • Dental/vision insurance, which is 75% paid by Scoot.

  • Exact plans vary by state.

Please note:

  • Fellows must enroll prior to the first of the month in order for benefits to be active.
  • Scoot’s subsidized healthcare plans only cover the TeachStart Fellow and do not cover family members. Family members are able to sign-up but will be solely covered by the candidate.

You will be eligible to accrue and use sick leave in accordance with applicable California and local laws. Generally, this means that you will accrue one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours you work up to a cap of 48 hours and you may use up to 24 accrued hours in any given academic year. Further details regarding how to use sick leave and qualifying reasons is contained in Scoot’s policies.

You will be able to apply for benefits once you are enrolled as a TeachStart fellow. Benefits will start the same month you start the fellowship. Once you become a regular employee, you will become benefits eligible consistent with the terms of the Benefit Plans or applicable laws. You will be notified and given a chance to elect benefits for which you have become eligible.