Certification options are as follows:

  • Single Subject: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language
  • Multiple Subject: Elementary Age
  • Special Education Mild/Mod

TeachStart Fellows are NOT eligible for certification in areas like PE, Art, Music through their participation in our program. They are only eligible for the certification areas listed above.

Payment Schedule

  • 50% due Friday before classes begin
  • 50% due one month later

Terms are about 8 weeks in total and a fellow can expect to take anywhere from 3-4.5 credits per term. A Scholar+ fellow will be enrolled in about 7-8 terms depending on credential and start date.

TeachStart Grants Overview

Below is the overview of when the fellow is offered the grant and the requirements.

Grants Offered Total How it works
Year 1: TeachStart Grant $13,500 Must enroll in program and sign TS Grant paperwork during the enrollment process with Alliant-- once signed, automatically applied to the tuition rate to reduce cost to $317
Year 2: Graduation Grant $5,250 Must graduate from Alliant and be placed a TS school - typically will receive this grant in June/July after they graduate Alliant
Out of pocket costs for Fellow upfront $9,500  
Total cost for fellow after graduation $4,250 Total cost is reduced after the fellow graduates and receives the graduation grant

Important Reminders:

  • Alliant Credential Cost without TeachStart grants is $23,000.00
  • If earning master's the cost will increase to the extra credits needed to complete the program so the baseline of $4,250 will be higher for fellows