After successfully completing the TeachStart program, the fellow can re-apply to return as a fellow in the following school year. The TeachStart Consultant will review the request and will approve or deny the request after reviewing the fellow’s performance in the program.


The fellow may need to go through an additional interview process to be admitted back into the program. This will be up to the TeachStart committee discretion.

TeachStart Program Requirements

If the fellow has been approved to join the TeachStart program in the following school year, they will not be required to go through Foundations Training again. They will be required to attend mandatory TeachStart PD according to the program calendar and they should note that the paid holidays will differ from the previous school year and will need to review the new dates.

Compliance for re-enrolling into the TeachStart Program

The fellow is responsible for ensuring they are meeting their compliance requirements such as renewing their permit if needed to stay active.

Annualized Salary and Health benefits

It should be noted that the fellow pay will be based on the annualized salary offered in the contract at the time of being offered and policies may change in the upcoming academic school year.

Health benefits will not continue for the fellow and they will need to re-enroll in the health benefits at the time of starting the program in the following year.