The 30-day permit is required by the State of California for subbing in the classroom. TeachStart Scholar and Scholar+ Fellows in California are required to obtain a permit prior to the start date of the program. In order to obtain a 30-day permit, fellows must satisfy the basic skills requirement. For more information on fulfilling the basic skills requirement, you can visit the following pages on our website:

For those satisfying this requirement via the CBEST, we recommend allocating a minimum of 2 weeks to study and reserve your testing site, even prior to formal admittance into the program. It takes about 6 weeks to process your 30-day permit, so it will be important to submit yours well in advance in order to be able to join the program and start on time. 

Scoot reimburses TeachStart fellows the 30-day permit fee. These funds will be included in your first paycheck.